Why should be SMD3528 but not DIP 5mm for LED T8 Tube?

LED T8 Tube has many different names but just only two types: SMD&DIP.

First it is called Led Tube. But Led Tube is easily confused with Led Digital tube, so later called Led Fluorescent, but sooner, called LED T8 tube light, LED T8 Tube, LED T8 fluorescent tube, super brightness LED T8 fluorescent lamp, LED T8 tube (SMD), etc. Now manypeople agree that the name is Led T8 Tube.
As the technology developing, many customers demand the Led T8 tube can reach a higher lumen power efficiency but with lower lumen decay.

In 2007, LED T8 tube used DIP leds to make the LED fluorescent tube, actually, many specialists don't think it is a good way. Because DIP leds has quick lumen decay, during 2000-hour-test, it can reach 15% lumen decay; during 3500hours test, 20% lumen decay. Although theory life is 100000 hours, but actually, DIP LED T8 fluorescent tube lifespan may be 10000-15000hours. It doesn't show much better than traditional fluorescent tubes.

In 2008 and 2009, DIP leds technology is improving, but still the original question: lumen decay is always serious.

So lighting specialists don't recommend factory to make DIP Led T8 Tube, but suggest them using SMD3528 to make Led T8 fluorescent light. Meanwhile, SMD Led T8 tube is easier than DIP tube in producing. Using SMD3528 LED, it can lower he cost of manual hand, so that cut the cost of Led T8 tube. LED T8 Tube Light is specially designed for direct replacement of Conventional Fluorescents. LED T8 fluorescent tube can directly replace the traditional tubes, and no need any additional retrofitting of the ballast and starter. Life span of SMD T8 tube surely can reach up to 50, 000 hours in normal family use.
In 24hours working place especially, T8 LED Tube means big savings in maintenance bills through less tube replacements. Do it today, cut the cost today, save you money today!